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See Evergreen for Academics for an earlier iteration of this group.

Student Success Working Group

Email List

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  • Send messages to the group:

Meetings and agendas

Current priorities

Additional areas of interest

Removing barriers to student success

  • Incorporate accessibility testing into release process

Reducing inconsistencies in student experience

  • Identifying student patrons by grade/year, major, or classroom/homeroom
  • Improved staff workflows
    • In acquisitions: supporting periodical renewals, standing orders for monographic series, multi-part monographs
    • In acquisitions: EDI periodicals orders
    • Demand-driven acquisitions – maybe automated (EDI) ordering of added copies based on demand (e.g.
  • Improving single-day circulations
  • Improving billing/coordination with bursar's office
  • API for information about library hours and closures
  • Improvements to inventory capabilities

Improving discovery

  • Showing location of materials in ways other than call numbers and maps (e.g. getting audible directions on your phone)
  • Better integration with discovery layers
  • Leveraging authority data to improve search
  • Synonym tables rather than stemming
  • Multiple subject heading schemata
  • Improving display understanding (academic PAC flavor?)
  • Integrating ebook circulation (like the Overdrive integration for EbookCentral, Ebsco ebooks, etc.)
  • Integrating article search (e.g. include a new tab in the catalog that allows users to search the Ebsco Discovery Service API in the familiar Evergreen interface)
  • Modeling and/or enabling searching as strategic exploration
  • Integrating institutional repositories
  • Linked open data, library visibility on the Internet
  • Search for library resources using a map (e.g.
  • LTI integration with Canvas, Moodle, etc.
  • Does the Kid's OPAC work for primary school students?

Experiential learning

  • Soliciting and supporting student contributions to the Evergreen community

Modeling scholarship as a conversation

  • Export citations as RIS, BibTeX


  • UX studies
  • Measuring student outcome metrics
  • Other ways to learn more about how students use Evergreen?

Fostering student-Library connections

  • Public-facing staff directory

Supporting faculty + staff development

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