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Minutes, Student Success Working Group 2018-10-09


Jane Sandberg, Linn-Benton Community College; Eva Cerninakova, Elizabeth Thomsen, Noble; Bianca Parisi, Niagara College; Joan, CW MARS; Kate Challenger, Vancouver Island University; Caitlin Miller, College of the Rockies; Jennifer Pringle, BC Libraries Cooperative; Christine Burns, BC Libraries Cooperative, James Fournie, Vancouver Community College

Booking Module

Jane demoed the daily schedule view that she developed in Evergreen. Linn-Benton Community College is not currently using the booking module. For their study rooms they have been using Google Calendar and printing out the next day's schedule the night before. Google Calendar has updated and no longer prints nicely so staff now need to write out the schedule by hand. Jane investigated using the booking module in Evergreen instead and created a calendar view in Evergreen. The new view is found under Booking -> Daily Schedule and allows staff to choose the library, resource type, and date to display a list of reservations that can be printed. The schedule uses the library open hours to determine what hours of the day display; this can be adjusted via advanced settings. There is also the ability to have patron names display or just indicate that the resource is busy. Jane is going to put a pullrequest in for the daily schedule view.

BC Libraries Cooperative Wishlist

A few years ago the Co-op worked on booking development requirements. The Co-op has one library currently using the booking module and several migrating in 2019 that are interested in using it. The Co-op will be refreshing and fleshing out the booking module requirements. The Co-op is currently at the beginning of the process but may be looking for partners in the future. Christine will be updating the EG wiki ( as well as submitting bugs to launchpad. The biggest requirement has been to be able to see when resources are available during the reservation process. Christine will have an update on the next call and is planning to send an email when all the bugs have been submitted to Launchpad.

College of the Rockies is currently using booking and Vancouver Community College and Vancouver Island University are looking into it.

CW Mars is interested in using the booking module but hasn't finished testing yet. No one else on the call was currently using booking or looking at it.

K12 Libraries

Jane noted that she's seen a large number of K12 schools listed in the Evergreen libraries but not seeing much involvement in the community and wondered if there is outreach we can do. BC Libraries Cooperative has some school libraries and they have been provided with the information for attending this calls but currently don't have the time. The name change to Student Success Group was a good step towards making this group more inclusive to school libraries.

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